You can reach your desired destinations with LFS in an even more exclusive way via your preferred form of transport - be it private jet or helicopter.If however you are thinking of spending some time on a boat (a sail boat or a motor boat), or would like to spend your entire trip in one of fabulous boats, we guarantee that the highest standards in safety and quality are adhered to, to ensure you live a truly unique experience.

Our Advantages

  • Providing 24/7 flight searching and booking to any destination in the world
  • Our own dispatch service monitors all flights stages
  • We consider all the Customer individual preferences before the flight.
  • Providing a detailed report about the last flight.
  • Analyzing significant client’s requests and providing offers up to their requirements.
  • We do guarantee personal information security and confidentiality of the flight
  • Personal concierge on any purpose working 24/7/365 for maximum comfort during your trip
  • Possibility to use austrian MS Aviation air fleet